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  • How do you protect my data?
    Iris photography cannot be used as a real eye to scan with iris scanner. Iris scanner technology uses laser to capture the structure of the eye
  • Do I Need to remove contact lenses?
    Yes, photos turn out much better without contact lenses. We also recommend using moisturizing eye drops, but it is not necessary
  • What quality is Digital Images?
    We deliver all Digital Images in HD quality this is good to be printed for up to 8X11 size. However we keep 6K quality pictures in our system in case you wish you order bigger print from our website.
  • Do you deliver finished prints?
    After we take photographs of your eyes, we can send the finished prints to anywhere in the world. The shipping cost will depend on the destination and the size of the print.
  • Do I have to book an appointment?
    Yes, we are taking customers by appointment only to ensure the best possible quality of photos and experience with Iris Art Seattle
  • Do you store or share iris images?
    We store all iris photos anonymously and delete them after completing your order if you wish. Before we start photography process, we will ask you to fill out our paperwork, where you can share your preferences about using an image on social media, our website as well as storing your photos. We do not share any information (clients names and contacts, images) with third parties.
  • Is iris photography harmful for eyes?
    Absolutely not.
  • What is the minimum age to get my iris photographed?
    5+ years old
  • Can I get my pet’s iris photographed?
    Unfortunately we don’t offer this service.